Small Sample Introduction Module 2 - A0314

Small Sample Introduction Module 2 - A0314

High-precision δ13C measurements of small volume CO2 and CH4 gas samples.

  • 20ml of soil flux from a chamber, CO2 and CH4 at ambient concentrations
  • 5ml of headspace from a water sample, 500ppm CH4
  • 2ml of underground soil gas, 3% CO2
  • 100μl of pure CO2

Isotope ratios provide invaluable insights into innumerable aspects of the carbon, water and nitrogen cycles. However, measuring these ratios can be challenging if the available sample in a subject of study is limited. Picarro provides field-ready instruments to make isotopic ratio measurements simple and immediate. The new Small Sample Introduction Module 2 expands the measurements that can be made with the Picarro δ13C analyzers for CO2 and CH4. The SSIM2 reduces the sample volume needed for a δ13C measurement, while providing a straightforward way to dilute high-concentration samples so they are within the dynamic range of Picarro's easy-to-use ambient concentration δ13C analyzers.

The SSIM2 is the front end that transforms Picarro's continuously sampling δ13C analyzers into instruments capable of measuring very small, discrete gas samples. The SSIM2 is an excellent solution for soil, headspace and plant studies, as well as any other studies that provide CO2 or CH4 in limited or discrete volumes.

The SSIM2 enables you to:

  • Run gas samples as small as 20 ml at ambient CO2 or CH4 concentrations
  • Introduce single samples manually, or automatically process up to 8 samples using Picarro’s 16-Port Distribution Manifold
  • Inject samples by syringe
  • Measure high-concentration samples with built-in dilution capability
  • Automatically measure reference gas between samples
  • Review data on-the-fly with Picarro's intuitive software
  • Get expanded functionality from the Picarro G2101-i, G2121-i, G2131-i, G2132-i and G2201-i analyzers
  • Go to the field, set up quickly and make δ13C measurements in remote locations where CO2 and CH4 are produced and consumed

How does the SSIM2 work? When the measurement sequence begins, a 20ml sample chamber within the SSIM2 is purged and evacuated. The user then introduces the gas sample to the chamber. When this is complete, the sample gas is slowly injected into the analyzer cavity for an extended, stable measurement.

Running samples on this system is simple. It requires no GC, no combustion, no consumables, no helium and no special training. Connecting to the SSIM2 is straightforward. The sample input is a standard 1/8” Swagelok® fitting, so users can easily connect to the SSIM2 and introduce samples from bags, flasks or other sample containers. Configuring the SSIM 2 for reference standard gas and sample gas processing requires only a few minutes. Immediately after each replicate, the software shows the measured δ13C value and other data for real-time review. When paired with the Picarro A0311 16-Port Distribution Manifold, the SSIM2 allows researchers to automatically measure δ13C from as many as eight sample containers. The small form-factor SSIM2 fits easily on top of the Picarro analyzer. The SSIM2 and analyzer are portable, so one can easily make precise δ13C measurements in the field.

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