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G2131-i Isotope and Gas Concentration Analyzer

The Picarro G2131-i isotope and gas concentration analyer precisely, simultaneously, and continuously measures δ13C in carbon dioxide (CO2) and CO2 and CH4 gas concentration for a range of applications from atmospheric and ocean science research to food and beverage origin and authenticity.

G2201-i Isotopic Analyzer

The Picarro G2201-i isotope analyzer precisely and continuously measures δ13C in carbon dioxide (CO2) and in methane (CH4) to help understand the biological and geological mechanisms that produce and consume CO2.


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16-Port Distribution Manifold

The Picarro 16-Port Distribution Manifold provides unparalleled multiport sample-data collection.

AutoMate Prep Device

When a Picarro δ13C-CO2 analyzer is coupled with an Automate FX sample preparation device, the system provides δ13C measurements of the dissolved inorganic carbon in water samples or δ13C in solid carbonate samples. The AutoMate Prep Device adds phosphoric acid to the samples to liberate CO2, which flows to the Picarro for δ13C-CO2 analysis.

Closed System Measurements

Whether you are looking at gas evolution from soils or vegetation, or the incorporation of stable labels into living organisms, our rugged, high-precision analyzers offer unparalleled performance. Picarro’s small cavity design technology has long been the optimal choice for sample-limited studies. Now we have developed a series of turn-key systems especially designed to avoid external contamination.

Combustion Module

The Combustion Module, designed for Picarro by Costech (a leader in combustion systems), combusts solid samples as small as 250mg C to release CO2 gas. The Combustion Module is connected to a Picarro isotopic analyzer via the Picarro Caddy (A2100) or the Picarro Liaison™ Universal Interface (A0301) for high-precision carbon isotope (13C) measurements from carbon dioxide.

Low-Leak Diaphragm Pump

The Low-Leak Diaphragm Pump is an essential part of a closed-loop measurement system.

Small Sample Introduction Module 2

High-precision δ13C measurements of small volume CO2 and CH4 gas samples.