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Proactive Methane Emissions Management with emissions360™

Methane emissions are at the center of the current climate crisis due to methane’s outsized contribution to global warming. Methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases, being approximately 86 times more negatively impactful on climate change than carbon dioxide within the first 20 years in the atmosphere.

Methane emissions reporting and reduction is the single greatest lever that may be pulled today to slow down the warming of the planet, and emissions360™, Picarro reporting application, should be the bedrock of every utility’s emissions management and reporting process.​  Through emissions360™ emissions measurement and reporting are designed, planned, managed, and tracked: 

  • A novel measurement-based, top-down network emissions reporting framework
  • Produces complete and accurate emissions estimates for an entire network utilizing the same data gathered in leak survey and/or emissions reduction programs
  • Modern, Esri-based interface featuring our all-new Network Assessment Viewer (NAV)
  • Robust, scalable, proven, and compatible with OGMP 2.0, EPA, Veritas, E.U, ISO, etc.