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  • Empowering the World
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Precision Measurements that Inform a Range of Applications

Picarro's enhanced optical spectroscopy technology plays an important role in a broad spectrum of scientific and industrial applications where access to actionable data is critical to success. Natural gas distributors are charting a path to Net Zero with Picarro. Facility operators leverage our  monitoring systems and services to ensure regulatory compliance and create safer workplaces and communities. Semiconductor manufacturers integrate Picarro instruments into their production processes to control costs and improve yield. Scientists use our instruments to measure greenhouse gases (GHGs), trace gases and stable isotopes to advance environmental research. For these and other applications, our enhanced optical spectroscopy analytical solutions provide the precision measurements businesses, researchers, and organizations need to meet and exceed their goals.

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Picarro Releases PI5310 Nitrous Oxide Analyzer

Picarro Releases PI5310 Nitrous Oxide Analyzer

Picarro’s new PI5310 analyzer delivers the industry’s most precise measurements of nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide with the lowest drift – and best-in-class long-term stability –  making it ideal for use in atmospheric monitoring network stations.  

EPA Announces Final NESHAP Rule to Cut EtO Emissions

EPA Announces Final NESHAP Rule to Cut EtO Emissions

EPA just finalized significant revisions to the Ethylene Oxide NESHAP rule (40 CFR Pt 63, Subpart O) governing commercial sterilizers that use EtO.

PCG Volume 3: Client Program Management & Scaling

PCG Volume 3: Client Program Management & Scaling

 In this installment, we sit down with Picarro's new Client Program Managers Eric Chan and Tanner Orland to discuss what drives our clients ongoing success and what scaling looks like for our users - new and old.


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