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EPA Announces Final NESHAP Rule to Cut EtO Emissions

The EtO NESHAP is Here, and Picarro is Ready

EPA just finalized significant revisions to the Ethylene Oxide NESHAP rule (40 CFR Pt 63, Subpart O) governing commercial sterilizers that use EtO. They have also created PS-19 (40 CFR 60, Appendix B) and QA Procedure 7 (40 CFR 60, Appendix F) for certifying and maintaining continued compliance with EtO CEMS at the stack. These updates fundamentally change the way sterilizers maintain environmental compliance, requiring upgrades and new monitoring at facilities, and greatly reducing emissions of EtO in and around facilities.

Picarro started preparing for this moment even before the draft language was released in early 2023, leveraging decades of expertise in emissions measurement systems. There is simply no better solution for real-time monitoring of EtO than Picarro’s EtO managed service suite featuring PS-19 compliant CEMS, Workplace, Fenceline, and Mobile systems.

Our white papers and industry testimonials reflect the trust and confidence we’ve developed with industry stakeholders, and the power of Picarro’s technology to demonstrate compliance.

Our Environmental Systems team has the expertise to guide customers through the changing regulatory landscape, and our managed services take the challenge out of maintenance and compliance.  When you’re ready, reach out to Picarro at to get started on your road to EtO NESHAP compliance.

"Picarro has been preparing for this pivotal moment, ensuring our solutions stand ready to assist sterilization facilities in adhering to the new EPA NESHAP guidelines. Our comprehensive suite of EtO monitoring services, meticulously aligned with PS-19 compliance, underscores our commitment to helping our customers stay compliant." 
Joel Avrunin - Vice President, Environmental Business at Picarro.

"Years of dedication and collaboration with industry partners have culminated in Picarro's unmatched readiness to support facilities navigating the evolving regulatory landscape. Our team's expertise and our suite of managed services streamline compliance, offering peace of mind to facilities as they embark on their journey towards EtO NESHAP compliance."
Dave Miller - Director, Environmental Systems at Picarro.


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