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Picarro systems are renowned for their spectral precision and reliability, a credit to two pivotal features. Firstly, our patented wavelength monitor (WLM) which measures the laser wavelength with unparalleled precision. This precision aids in pinpointing absorption intensities around peak absorption values. Secondly, the systems maintain rigorous temperature and pressure control. While the sample cavity benefits from thermal insulation and an active solid-state heating system, ensuring temperature stability within 20 mK, pressure within the cavity is meticulously monitored and adjusted via a feedback loop controlling inlet and outlet gas flows. This intricate control system minimizes measurement drift, solidifying the system's reliability and offering a distinct advantage over traditional FTIR and GC systems.

Competitive Overview

As the regulatory landscape evolves, legacy monitoring technologies can struggle to provide actionable, defensible data, leading to a loss in operational confidence. Stricter compliance rules push the limits of these legacy technologies, creating a confusing landscape of monitoring instrumentation.

At Picarro we offer a simpler path that offers peace of mind from regulatory compliance, and a clear road to operational success, all while having access to the latest monitoring platforms.

Performance in the Real World

In a controlled setting, under stable conditions, experts can optimize systems to perform beyond expectations. This expected performance rarely translates into the real-world where processes, conditions, sample composition, and operators may differ. Since the very beginning, the performance of Picarro systems was defined by our customers. For the past 25-years, any Picarro product leaves our production floor with a performance guarantee. This is a reputation we’ve maintain over shipments of thousands of systems and why we continue to be the premier choice for real-world applications.


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