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Optimize CAPEX investment and reduce O&M by effectively prioritizing pipe replacement projects

Output from Picarro’s Pipe Replacement solution showing leak density on individual pipe sections. This data complements traditional risk models, helping prioritize projects for maximum risk reduction and leak remediation.

Identify pipe assets with the highest emissions and leak density, remove 1.5x more leaks through replacement projects, and save $ millions in O&M annually

Picarro’s pipe replacement solution augments your Distribution Integrity Risk (DIMP) models with real-time methane data and applies powerful analytics to help you prioritize and remediate 1.5x more leaks. This could mean up to $35k additional O&M cost avoided per mile of pipe replaced versus your existing risk models. A utility with 10,000 miles of mains, replacing 1% annually, could see up to $3.5M recurring annual O&M cost avoidance.

Conventional DIMP models are only as good as the historical data that informs them. Plus, risk calculations often give disproportionate weight to just a handful of key threats and sub-threats.

Picarro integrates real-time methane data to DIMP models and then applies powerful spatial analytics and visualization tools to create a clearer, deeply contextualized, and more predictive view of gas assets.

  • Optimize capital prioritization decisions associated with major pipeline replacement initiatives.
  • Develop a more accurate understanding of risk across gas systems as well as a more granular understanding of specific risk areas.
  • Improve forecasting of annual O&M expenditures associated with compliance and leak repair activities.
  • More efficiently scope and design the construction of pipe replacement projects.