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Exceeding Regulatory Requirements

The new EtO NESHAP has dropped! Click here for an overview of how Picarro has planned for the NESHAP, PS-19, and Procedure 7 with its Monitoring Solutions suite. 


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established rigorous performance-based standards, like the Performance Specification 19 (PS-19), to ensure that environmental monitoring technologies adhere to the highest level of accuracy and reliability. These standards are designed to push the envelope for detection methodologies and facilities aiming to comply with source emission regulations such as the commercial sterilization NESHAP. Picarro's systems don't merely comply with these benchmarks but surpass them, setting a new industry precedent. While many technologies struggle to meet these stringent specifications, often faced with reliability issues or interference challenges, Picarro stands out by not only meeting the requirements laid down by the EPA but exceeding them in multiple facets. This superiority ensures that Picarro's technology is not just compliant but is also robust enough to overcome the drawbacks observed in other competing technologies.


Reporting Software


DAS software tools compliant with regulations under 40 CFR Part 60, 63, & 75. Diligent tracking of compliance events, system occurrences, and alarms, while providing comprehensive multi-parameter and mass emission rate reports.

  • User access layers, change logs, & audit trails
  • Automated daily calibrations for concentration & flow
  • Automated compliance tasks (Above Span Cals, CGAs)
  • Streamlined compliance & process data tracking


Picarro’s reporting software adheres to strict environmental reporting standards and is able to calculate and display compliance parameters based on the specific regulatory requirements for each source.

  • Supports both EPA ERT & CEDRI reporting requirements
  • Automated email reports at specified intervals
  • Tracks compliance events, alarms, and system events
  • Assign reasons and actions to specific alarms
  • Standard & custom emissions reports


EtO Emissions Monitoring


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