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The Picarro 16-Port Distribution Manifold (A0311) dramatically enhances the flexibility of Picarro systems and analyzers by providing unparalleled multiport sample-data collection. It is ideal for tall tower research as well as for soil chamber applications and other functions where multiport sampling is essential. The Picarro 16-Port Distribution Manifold:

  • Sequentially samples up to 16 sources
  • Significantly enhances research flexibility and analyzer capabilities
  • Integrates seamlessly with Picarro gas analyzers and software
  • Quick and easy setup and simple, maintenance-free design

The manifold’s reliable design uses a simple rotary valve to switch between as many as 16 intake points or attached peripherals. When paired with the Picarro Small Sample Introduction Module 2 (A0314), the 16-Port Distribution Manifold makes introduction, calibration and analysis of small samples (20 to 150 mL) from multiple sources simple. The manifold is controlled using either the Picarro analyzer graphic user interface (GUI) or the external hand-pad (included). It’s easy to program the sequence and duration of sample intake from various attached sampling lines, flasks, or bags.

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