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Ethane is the second largest component of natural gas and can be isolated on an industrial scale. The chief use of ethane is to produce ethylene which is needed in manufacturing plastic, automotive antifreeze, detergent and so on.

The ethane accompanying a methane source can serve as a specific fingerprint. Quantifying the ethane to methane (C2:C1) ratios provides us with means to understand processes yielding methane, and a unique tool to measure and determine the source of methane emissions - including landfills, fracking sites, and abandoned oil and gas wells.

Picarro offers the high-precision ppb measurements of ethane which enables the real-time methane emission source attribution in the world’s most challenging, remote environments.


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G2210-i Isotope Analyzer

The Picarro G2210-i isotope analyzer precisely, simultaneously, and continuously measures δ13C in methane (CH4) and the ethane (C2H6) to methane (CH4) ratio for real-time source attribution and quantification of methane emissions.


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16-Port Distribution Manifold

The Picarro 16-Port Distribution Manifold provides unparalleled multiport sample-data collection.

Closed System Measurements

Whether you are looking at gas evolution from soils or vegetation, or the incorporation of stable labels into living organisms, our rugged, high-precision analyzers offer unparalleled performance. Picarro’s small cavity design technology has long been the optimal choice for sample-limited studies. Now we have developed a series of turn-key systems especially designed to avoid external contamination.

Low-Leak Diaphragm Pump

The Low-Leak Diaphragm Pump is an essential part of a closed-loop measurement system.