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Measures δ13C for CH4 and CO2

The Picarro G2201-isotope analyzer combines capabilities of two Picarro δ13C carbon isotope instruments for CO2 and CH4 into a single instrument. Now it’s easy and fast to capture the insights that only stable isotope ratios offer. Researchers can follow carbon as it moves from source to sink with a single instrument. The dual-purpose analyzer brings simplicity and speed to research. Its small size and robustness make it easy to transport to the field, where immediate results allow researchers to change course on-the-fly and achieve optimal results from limited-time field campaigns.

  • Only field-deployable analyzer for simultaneous high-precision δ13C measurements in CO2 and CH4
  • Three measurement modes: CO2 only, CH4 only, and CO2 and CH4 combined
  • Excellent precision at a fraction of IRMS operating cost—less calibration, less maintenance, no consumables

The analyzer operates in one of three modes: 1) CO2 only, 2) CH4 only, and 3) CO2 and CH4 combined. In the combined mode, the measurement of CO2 and CH4 are interleaved every few seconds to produce a sampling rate that is faster than the gas turn-over time in the cavity. When the analyzer is in CO2 only mode or CH4 only mode, the precision improves, because more time is devoted to one molecule. In all modes, the analyzer precisely measures CO2, H2O and CH4 concentrations, with fewer calibration events than other spectral absorption-based instruments. The G2201-analyzer can be paired with a variety of peripherals to extend and expand functionality.

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