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Easier Analyzing of Stable Carbon Isotopes of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in Water Samples or Solid Carbonate Samples: New Picarro Caddy Continuous Flow Interface + AutoMate Prep Device Pairing


Juan Carlos Guerrero, Jan Woźniak, Jason H. Curtis


AGU 2023

Publication Date
December 11th, 2023

The Caddy Continuous Flow Interface has previously been used to connect available solid and
liquid bulk sample preparation instruments—including the Picarro Combustion Module—to
Picarro analyzers for high-precision carbon isotope (13C) measurements.

Picarro is happy to announce the AutoMate Prep Device from AutoMate FX as the Caddy’s
newest pairing. The Caddy’s fully automated, low-cost, and simple operation will take
advantage of the newest AutoMate Prep Device design improvements to bring together
increased data quality and reduced interface complexity.

Here we present some results from tests done with the new Caddy +AutoMate Prep Device
pairing, focused on assessing the system’s precision at the lower end of our specification range
for CO2 concentrations. The results show the same or at times, improved precision levels and
reduced memory effects otherwise associated with the previous interface device. All while
making the pairing simpler to set up, easier to operate, and lower in cost.