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Carbon Isotope Analysis Systems

Carbon Isotope Analysis Systems

Advancing Our Understanding of Biochemical Processes

Determining the isotopic composition of carbon in a compound is a critical capability in many scientific, industrial, and environmental applications. Isotopic data can be used to:

  • Gain insights into how carbon is exchanged between the atmosphere and ecosystems 
  • Monitor carbon geo-sequestration sites
  • Verify food origin and authenticity
  • Substantiate supply chain integrity
  • Detect the carbon source in dissolved carbonates
  • Identify and partition the sources of fugitive methane gas emissions

Picarro’s Carbon Isotope Analysis Systems provide the high-quality, real-time, continuous measurements of δ13C in CO2 and CH4 quickly and simply. Their small, light, robust design makes them ideal for lab and field work. And, with a comprehensive selection of compatible peripherals, the Picarro analyzers can process just about any type of sample.

The Gold Standard

Innovation, Precision, and Continuous Measurements

For more than 20 years, researchers and scientists have trusted Picarro’s Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) technology to deliver exceptional solutions for fast, accurate carbon isotope measurements.

  • Patented CRDS technology delivers highest performance and precision, and lowest drift measurements
  • Unparalleled speed produces parts-per-trillion (ppt) measurements in seconds 
  • Multi-species, real-time continuous analysis
  • Straightforward and infrequent calibrations
  • Carefully selected sample handling materials and coatings for fast response
  • Form factor suitable for mobile and stationary deployments
  • Fast start-up and easy-to-use interface
  • Proven track record in a wide range of applications


Quickly and Accurately Measure δ13C in CO2 and CH4 Anywhere

Get the Whole Story

Everything you need to know about our Carbon Isotope Analysis solutions is right here—including details on how they deliver excellent precision at a fraction of IRMS operating cost with less calibration, less maintenance, and no consumables

High-Precision Carbon Isotope Analyzers

G2131-i for δ13C for CO2 

G2210-i for δ13C for CH4 and C2H6-to-CH4 Ratio

G2201-i for δ13C in CH4 and CO2


SSIM 2 measures small, discrete gas samples

Closed System Measurement Package avoids external contamination in sample-limited studies

Combustion Module for solid and liquid samples with carbon contents as low as 250 µg 


Caddy connects solid and liquid bulk sample preparation instruments to Picarro analyzers 


Third-Party Peripherals

AutoMate FX sample preparation device

Carbon Isotope Analysis Systems

Comprehensive Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications

Picarro’s Carbon Isotope Analysis Systems are the gold standard in measurement technology. Picarro systems can be deployed for applications ranging from atmospheric and ocean science research to food and beverage origin and authenticity, to measuring and determining the source of methane emissions at landfills, fracking sites, and abandoned oil and gas wells. Picarro’s carbon isotope analysis solutions combine outstanding precision with reduced calibration requirements, minimal maintenance and consumables, all at a fraction of the operating cost of Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS). This makes Picarro’s solutions faster, easier, and more cost-effective, enabling efficient capture of the unique insights offered by stable isotope ratios.


Agriculture & Soil Science

Atmospheric Science


Emissions Quantification

Food & Beverage

Ocean Science




Easier Analyzing of Stable Carbon Isotopes of DIC in Water or Solid-Carbonate Samples

Measuring stable carbon isotopes of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DIC) just got easier. Learn how in this poster where our applications scientist explains how he tested the new Picarro Caddy plus AutoMate Prep Device paired with the G2201-i and was able to achieve precision values always better than 0.2‰, and on average ~0.08‰ – while reducing memory effects. He also describes why the solution is simpler to set up and operate. 



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