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Hydrology examines the distribution, movement, and properties of water in Earth’s atmosphere, on the surface, and underground. Greenhouse gases both directly and indirectly influence hydrological factors such as abundance, water cycling, and nutrient levels. Measuring properties of water, for example by isotopic signature analysis (e.g. δ18O and δ17O), can help unlock a variety of insights such as groundwater’s interaction with minerals, past temperatures, or the presence of microbes. Monitoring techniques include site sampling of water sources, ambient air vapors, or precipitation. 

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L2130-i Isotope and Gas Concentration Analyzer

High-precision triple oxygen isotope research in water is finally simple and affordable.


L2140-i Isotope and Gas Concentration Analyzer

The Picarro L2140-i isotopic water analyzer enables simultaneous measurements of δ18O, δ17O, δD and determines 17O-excess for paleoclimate, (eco) hydrology, and atmospheric science applications.



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Continuous Water Sampler (CWS) A0217

The Picarro Continuous Water Sampler (CWS) incorporates a porous membrane that enables diffusive sampling of water isotopes.


High-Precision Autosampler and Vaporizer

The Picarro Autosampler (A0340) and Vaporizer (A0211) offer exceptional precision with minimal maintenance for ocean science, hydrology, and paleoclimatology applications.
A0340, A0211

Induction Module

The Picarro Induction Module enables scientists to perform isotope analysis of matrix-bound water with high total-dissolved solids.

Micro-Combustion Module

The Picarro Micro-Combustion Module (A0214) effectively removes spectral interference for commonly occurring alcohols and plant products.