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Measures δ18O and δ2H for Isotopic H2O

The Picarro L2130-isotope analyzer provides high quality measurements of water stable isotopes for demanding applications such as paleoclimatology, hydrology, and oceanography. δ18O and δ2H high-precision measurements can be made with water samples from liquids, vapor, and solids, using a variety of Picarro peripherals.

  • High-precision measurements of δ18O and δ2H
  • Minimal drift: calibrate once per day while measuring with sub per mil certainty
  • Flexibility to measure water samples from liquids, vapor, and solids
  • Small footprint, robust design, and intuitive user-interface

Precision with a liquid sample is guaranteed to be 0.025/0.1‰ for δ18O/δ2H, and drift, over 24 hours, is guaranteed to be 0.2/0.8‰ for δ18O/δ2H. Vapor specifications include a measurement range from 1,000 to 50,000 ppm, with guaranteed precision at 2,500 ppm of 0.250/0.080‰ for δ18O (for 10/100 seconds) and 1.600/0.500‰ for δD (for 10/100 seconds), and guaranteed precision at 12,500 ppm of 0.120/0.040‰ for δ18O (for 10/100 seconds) and 0.300/0.100‰ for δD (for 10/100 seconds).

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