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Water Isotope Analysis Systems

Advancing How We Measure and Interpret Properties of Water, Vapor, and Ice

Water is life. By studying how it moves and carries other elements through the Earth’s ecosystems and by measuring its properties in various forms, scientists unlock important insights about the planet’s past, present, and future. Picarro Water Isotope Analysis Systems enable researchers to accurately measure δ18O, δ17O, δ2H, and 17O-excess in water quickly, simply, and without sample conversion. Their small, light, robust design makes them ideal for lab and field work. And, with a comprehensive selection of compatible peripherals, and ChemCorrect post-processing software, the Picarro systems can process just about any type of water sample.


The Gold Standard

Innovation, Precision and High Throughput


For over 20 years, researchers and scientists have trusted Picarro’s CRDS technology to deliver exceptional precision and sensitivity in a small footprint. New Express and Survey high-throughput modes enable Picarro Water Isotope Analysis Systems to process more samples faster.


  • Patented CRDS technology delivers highest performance and precision, and lowest drift measurements
  • Unparalleled speed allows processing of up to 900 injections per day
  • Multi-species, real-time continuous analysis
  • Straightforward and infrequent calibrations
  • Carefully selected sample handling materials and coatings for fast response
  • Form factor suitable for mobile and stationary deployments
  • Fast start-up and easy-to-use interface
  • Proven track record of international deployments
  • Simple software command easily switches modes
  • ChemCorrect™ software identifies organic interference


Fast, Accurate Measurements Without Sample Conversion

Get the Whole Story

Everything you need to know about our isotopic water analysis solutions is right here -- including details on our new high-throughput modes that enable you to process up to 900 injections per day.

Water Isotope analysis systems

Fastest, Most Precise Isotopic Water Analysis System

L2130-i for δ18O and δ2H

L2140-i for δ18O, δ17O and δ2H and determining 17O excess


Standards Delivery Module for ambient vapor

Micro-Combustion Module for plant and soil waters

Vaporizer and Autosampler for liquid water

Continuous Water Sampler for continuous, real-time measurements

Induction Module for matrix-bound water

Water Isotope analysis systems

One Design for Multiple Applications

The isotopic water analyzers are Picarro’s flagship products—and for good reason. They have established themselves as the “gold standard” in measurement technology in hydrology, ocean science, and paleoclimatology. Picarro Isotopic Water Analyzers have been deployed for a wide range of applications all over the world, including: to identify the influence of sea ice on ocean water vapor isotopes and Greenland ice core records; to reconstruct paleo temperatures through a triple isotope (δ2H, δ17O, δ18O) study on precipitation, drip water and speleothem fluid in a Central European cave; to map nutrient dynamics and residence time of the water in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.



Ocean Science



High-Throughput Modes: What You Need to Know

Learn how to get the most out of the L2130-i and L2140-i Water Isotope Analyzer’s new Express and Survey high-throughput modes.



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