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The Picarro Standards Delivery Module (A0101) makes automated delivery of isotopic water vapor standards in the field simple and reliable. It can operate autonomously for as long as four weeks unattended, and it can be fully remote-controlled via an Internet connection. With the capability to deliver two standards,  it is the ideal calibration tool for ambient water vapor measurement campaigns.

  • Compact, self-contained, field deployable unit
  • Collapsible standards bag eliminates head space fractionation
  • Automated delivery of two standards at three concentrations per standard
  • Automatic, reliable, unattended operation for weeks after setup

The Standards Delivery Module fully integrates with the L2130-and L2140-water isotope analyzers. It uses a collapsible bag mechanism for storage of standards. The bag shrinks as standards are used, thus eliminating headspace and ensuring an entire standard can be used without data degradation due to evaporation and condensation. 

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