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The Picarro Continuous Water Sampler (CWS) A0217, incorporates a porous membrane that enables diffusive sampling of water isotopes. When coupled with a Picarro L2130-or L2140-water isotope analyzer, high-resolution, real-time, continuous measurements of spatial and temporal features within water masses are simple and easy.

  • Continuously monitor real-time changes in water isotopes
  • Automated switching from samples to standards for calibration
  • Pump directly from your water source—no discrete sampling required
  • Quick and easy field deployment

δ18O precision from continuous water sampling is 0.1‰ and reproducibility is 0.4‰. δD precision from continuous water sampling is 0.2‰ and drift is 1.0‰. The precision, reproducibility, and simplicity open new opportunities for scientists to study the global water cycle over a broad range of applications, including during tidal mixing, at an outlet glacier, or during an ocean transect.

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