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Supporting the most precise isotope analysis of water, the A0211 works with small volumes of water and for samples containing up to 20% salt.

  • The vaporizer of choice for demanding research applications
  • Excellent for methods development of tough samples, including bodily fluids and beverages
  • Compatible with Picarro’s micro-combustion module for organics removal
  • Installed in minutes, with minimal training
  • Can easily switch between a high precision (standard) mode or high throughput mode

Picarro's A0211 supports performance superior to that achieved with Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers (IRMS) and other laser optical systems. It remains precise even with briny solutions and can be left in the field or on boats for prolonged periods. The vaporizer can be cleaned with water.

When coupled with the unique wavelength scanning technology in Picarro's L21x0-i CRDS analyzer, the A0211 combines simple operation with unbeatable performance and incredibly low drift. For you, that means minimal calibration. In fact, the system can run nonstop for several hours with no calibration at all.

The A0211 vaporizer is fully integrated with the L21x0-i analyzer and accompanying autosampler, providing proven performance for ice-core and limnology studies, plus any and other application demanding precision and reliability.  The vaporizer can be run in a high precision (~ 9 minutes per injection) or high throughput (~ 4 minutes per injection) mode.