Measure water (H<sub>2</sub>O) isotopes in solids, liquids and vapor

Measure water (H2O) isotopes in solids, liquids and vapor

Choose from our complete portfolio of precise, go-anywhere analyzers and take your research to another level.

Enhance your understanding of present day climate and reconstruct climates of the past by measuring triple oxygen isotopes and hydrogen isotopes in water.

  • Simultaneous measurement of δ18O, δ17O, δD and 17O-excess in liquids and vapor
  • Push-button simplicity and ease
  • Average to better than 15 per meg precision on 17O-excess for 1 hour vapor measurements
  • Repeat measurements of liquids demonstrate 15 per meg precision on 17O-excess
  • Make highly precise measurements of δ18O (guaranteed at 0.025‰) and δD (guaranteed at 0.1‰) with minimal drift
  • Providing the flexibility and freedom to measure liquids, vapor and solids
  • Rigorous in-house testing ensures the L2130-i meets, and beats, specifications
  • Ideal for hydrological applications
  • Measure isotopes in precipitation, ground water and surface water
  • For liquids: Easy sample handling for discrete liquid waters, contaminated waters, or continuously flowing water. Picarro’s solution can fit all your liquid water needs with a discrete injection vaporizer and autosampler, our Micro Combustion Module for contaminated waters, or our new Continuous Water Sampler for real-time, continuous analysis of δ18O and δ2H in flowing water.
  • For vapor: High dynamic range and high precision, even in dry conditions. Our two-standard SDM is designed for un-attended field calibration of ambient vapor measurements. Or use an autosampler with dual mode for switching between liquid and vapor analysis.
  • For solids: Extract and measure matrix-bound water with the Picarro Induction Module. Designed for solid materials and liquids with high total dissolved solids, such as plant leaves, stems, juices and tissues, the IM extracts water and removes contamination using Picarro’s Micro Combustion Cartridge technology in a simple, single-step process.

NEW Picarro Continuous Water Sampler: the first commercially-available device for real-time, continuous analysis of δ18O and δ2H in liquid water!