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Air Quality Analysis Systems

Advancing How We Monitor and Interpret Air Quality

The changes that are occurring to the air we breathe in our homes, our workplaces and our communities –– in both natural and urban environments –– must be understood. Effective monitoring and detection of these changes requires a measurement leap towards real-time data collection and interpretation. Picarro’s gas analyzers provide researchers, policy makers, regulators and businesses with access to technology that expands and improves their understanding of air quality. The ability to detect subtle variations in the simplest of molecules, the common denominators that are the basis of all life on earth, is foundational knowledge that can help drive meaningful change. Welcome to our resource center for Air Quality Analysis Systems.

Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring

Innovation and Performance You Can Trust


Policy makers, researchers and industrial communities, addressing both indoor and outdoor air quality concerns, trust Picarro to provide them with patented, high-performance, real-time gas analyzers for the next generation of measurement and monitoring challenges.

  • Award-winning CRDS technology for high-precision and low-drift measurements
  • Multi-species, real-time analyzers
  • Straightforward and infrequent calibrations
  • Innovative validation procedure for high-adsorption species
  • Carefully selected sample handling materials and coatings for fast response
  • Form factor suitable for mobile and stationary deployments
  • Fast start-up and easy to use interface
  • Proven track record of international deployments


Grow Your Understanding of Air Quality

Get the Whole Story

Everything you need to know about our air quality analysis solutions is right here -- including details on use cases examining human influence on indoor air chemistry, measuring ammonia emissions in livestock barns, using ambient air monitoring to improve our understanding of climate change, and more. 

Comprehensive Solutions for Air Quality Monitoring

Near- and Mid-Infrared (IR) Platforms

G2000 Near-IR G2000 Platform

The Near-IR Platform

The High-Performance Mid-IR Platform

The High-Performance Mid-IR Platform


Standards Delivery Module for ambient vapor

The Combustion Module combusts solid samples as small as 250mg C to release CO2 gas.

The 16-Port Distribution Manifold for multiport sample-data collection.

The Gold Standard

One Design for Multiple Applications

Picarro air quality analysis systems have established themselves as the “gold standard” in measurement technology at atmospheric stations around the world (e.g. WMO, GAW). The innovative and disruptive nature of this technology has led to a measurement revolution in other applications as well. At present, Picarro analyzers are deployed to monitor vehicle emissions (H2S), fenceline emissions near industrial facilities (HF, H2S, C2H4O), air quality inside sterilized spaces (H2O2, C2H4O), they are used to quantify community exposure to toxic gases (H2CO, HF, C2H4O), to quantify the emissions of greenhouse gases from urban, industrial and rural infrastructure (CO2, CH4, CO and NH3), and many others. The portable form factor of the analyzer has allowed measurement campaigns to transfer bench-top performance to mobile deployments, be that on land, water or air.

Air Pollution

Atmospheric Science

Emissions Quantification


Advantages of Hourly Resolved HCHO measurements in Identifying Impacts from Wildfire Emissions, a Case Study

Interesting findings on the impacts of wildfire emissions from a case study comparing the G2307’s formaldehyde measurements to the EPA National Air Toxics Trends Station (NATTS) Network are presented in this poster.



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