High-Precision Vaporizer and Autosampler

The Picarro Autosampler (A0325) and Vaporizer (A0211) offer exceptional precision with minimal maintenance for ocean science, hydrology, and paleoclimatology applications. The Autosampler and Vaporizer fully integrate with the L2130-and L2140-water isotope analyzers, including onboard software control.

  • Fully integrated solution for automated analysis
  • Choice of operating modes: high precision or high throughput
  • Onboard software controls both Autosampler and Vaporizer
  • Sample analysis conducted automatically with data reported per injection 

δ18O precision is <0.025‰ per sample, and 24-hour drift is <0.2‰. δD precision is <0.1‰ per sample, and 24-hour drift is <0.8‰. The vaporizer maintains precision even with briny solutions. It can be cleaned with water, and it is robust enough to be used in remote locations and on boats for field campaigns.

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