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Measures δ13C for CH4 and C2H6-to-CH4 Ratio

The Picarro G2210-isotope analyzer is designed to address the scientific community’s need for real-time methane emissions source attribution. High-precision atmospheric methane and ethane measurement capabilities, combined with carbon dioxide and water vapor measurements, provide the user with a unique tool to measure and determine the source of methane emissions—including landfills, fracking sites, and abandoned oil and gas wells. 

  • Simultaneously measures δ13CH4 and C2H6-to-CH4 ratio
  • Measures concentrations of C2H6, CH4, CO2 and H2O
  • Reports dry mole fractions of CH4 and C2H6
  • Field-deployable for real-time CH4 emissions source attribution 
  • Small cavity (35 mL) for fast sample turnover time 
  • High precision and low drift with outstanding temperature and pressure (T&P) stability


The Picarro G2210-analyzer is ideal for discerning and measuring the source of methane emissions real-time in the field or through grab-sample measurements in the lab. The Picarro G2210-analyzer measures δ13CHat 0.5 – 1.0 0/00 precisionand it measures concentrations of CHto less than 0.1 parts-per-billion (ppb) and C2Hto less than 1 ppb (all precision measurements at a 5-minute average). It also measures COand H2O in dry mole fractions. The G2210-analyzer can be paired with a variety of peripherals to extend and expand functionality.

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