PI2114 Gas Concentration Analyzer

Measures H2O2

The Picarro PI2114 gas concentration analyzer measures hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) levels as low as 3 ppb to help avoid oxidation and safeguard drug stability. Major pharmaceutical, CMO, and isolator companies use Picarro hydrogen peroxide analyzers in high-potency API and biologics manufacturing and in aseptic fill and finish. The PI2114 analyzer is fast and easy to use. It doesn’t need chemicals or consumables. And it requires infrequent calibration and maintenance to minimize operating costs. 

  • Continuous, real-time H2O2 monitoring
  • Lower Detection Limit: <3 ppb (5 minutes averaging)
  • Precision: <0.5 ppb (1σ, 5 minutes averaging)
  • Rise time (10 – 90%) and fall time (90 – 10%) is <2 minutes

Precision at 5 minutes is less than 0.5 parts-per-billion (ppb), rise time (10 – 90%) and fall time (90 – 10%) is less than 2 minutes, and the lower detection limit is <3 ppb (5 minutes averaging). The analyzer complies with good manufacturing practices (GMP) including 21 CFR Part and installation and operation qualification (IQ and OQ), and it features fast, easy validation with commercially available surrogate gases.

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