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The Picarro 16-Port Sequencer dramatically enhances the flexibility of Picarro gas analyzers by expanding the sampling capabilities of a single analyzer. 

The A0311-S multipoint sampler has been designed to optimize response time in the presence of reactive gases. It uses SilcoNert coated components and an additional vacuum pump to maintain flow in each of its 16 sampling channels.

  • Flow through valve for reduced memory effects
  • SilcoNert coating improves response time
  • Simple, maintenance free design
  • Sets up in minutes with standard tools
  • Up to 16 sample lines while maintaining speed of response

The sampling duration and sequence is easily programmed through the Picarro analyzer graphical user interface. 

The reliable design is ideal for fast switching between different locations, large coverage areas and for specialty applications in Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Environmental research and other industries. The manifold fits easily into a 19" rack and weighs less than 10 pounds. 

See non-SilcoNert version of 16-Port Distribution Manifold