Service Packages

Picarro offers two annual service plans for its G&L2000 series, G4000 series, G5000 series instruments and all peripheral devices purchased from Picarro after August 1, 2016.

Silver Package

Silver Plus Plan

an annual contract that covers Field Replaceable Units (FRUs)

Purchase the Silver Plus Plan and benefit from free FRUs for one year. We will ship any parts that our technical support group determines are necessary for a repair and can be replaced by you in your lab. We will pay the freight charges, provide an additional 5% discount on consumables and a 10% discount on factory repairs.


Gold Package

Gold Plus Plan

an annual contract that covers Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) and factory repair

The Gold Plus Plan provides pricing security for the repair of any incident. Customers on this plan have the FRU coverage of the Silver Plus plan as well as free-of-charge factory repair for more intractable problems. Not only do we repair your system, we also run it through a full suite of factory tests to ensure it is fully operational before sending it back.


Features Silver Plus Gold Plus
Remote Diagnostics & Remote Repair X X
Field Replaceable Units X X
Factory Repair 10% discount X
Consumables 5% discount 10% discount

Overview of Technical Support Options


A-la-Carte Services

We also provide a full suite of services that can be purchased in addition to, or separately from, maintenance contracts to make your data collection experience more valuable.


Technical Jumpstart

Picarro Technical Jumpstart is a 4-hour program performed by a Picarro specialist through video conferencing. It assists customers with new system start-up and initial result verification. Technical Jumpstart is an excellent choice for clients new to our Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) technology. (Must be used within six months of delivery)


On-Site Installation

On-Site Installation is a 2-day program performed by a Picarro specialist at your location. The program includes: installation of your analyzer; training in methods development and considerations for best operations. On-Site Installation is an excellent choice for customers who require local and customized support. Travel and lodging expenses for the Picarro specialist are included. (Must be used within six months of delivery)


Preventive Maintenance Procedure (PMP)

This procedure has been specifically designed for customers in countries served by our Picarro Certified Service Partners only. Increase the reliability and performance of your Picarro analyzers by scheduling a Preventive Maintenance Procedure at your facilities based on your preferred schedule. The PMP includes cleaning the system, checking wiring and connections, software updates, and examining and replacing wear components with factory-authorized parts. Keep your equipment running optimally, be prepared for upcoming campaigns.



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