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Picarro Technical Jumpstart

Picarro Technical Jumpstart is a 4-hour training program that connects you to a Picarro Applications Scientist through video conferencing. It is an excellent choice for clients new to our Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) technology, or for those considering novel methods, using new samples, or who have campaigns starting soon and need to refresh their knowledge.

The Importance of Technical Jumpstart

This service is designed to assist you with the initial start-up of your system, using standards or other routine samples to set up and check the data from the pre-loaded methods, routine maintenance, and other procedures to get the best out of your system long term. It is also a great opportunity to discuss the parameters to optimize the use of your peripheral devices, such as the SSIM, the 16-port manifold, the MCM, or the IM. In addition, you can learn about the possibilities of more advanced applications and get our insight on state-of-the-art techniques for various applications to help guide your experimental methodology. Your host can also look through operational parameters of the instrument to make sure it is functioning properly.

How Technical Jumpstart Works

This program is conducted through TeamViewer video conferencing and will have voice and video connection. In addition, our Applications Scientists will be able to operate your instrument remotely as you watch, so that they can highlight various functionalities and show you how to navigate and operate useful tools. They can also type notes into a chatbox.

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Technical Jumpstart

Pre-Installation and installation (to be performed by customer)

Task Description and Rationale  
Utilities/Facilities and environment Check that your site meets any environmental requirements documented for your Picarro analyzer
Instrument Inspection Upon Receipt Unpack the package(s) to ensure that instrument is in an undamaged condition and complete with manual, accessories, spares, etc.
System Description Record a description of the instrument, manufacturer, serial number, software version. Our technical support engineers will ask for this if a problem arises later.
Network Test your network connection to the analyzer, establish a stable link. You may need access to TeamViewer video conferencing across the internet if a problem arises.
Task Description and Rationale  
Introduction to CRDS Check that your site meets any environmental requirements documented for your Picarro analyzer
Standard Operating Procedures Walk through basic instrument and software functionality.
Data Processing Introduction to data processing technqiues and data handling.
Instrument Functionality Discussion of additional capability and functionality that can be used to develop useful methods.
Secure Data, Storage, Backup and Archive How the Picarro instrument captures, stores and archives data. Discuss options available to clients to backup data from instrument to other locations. Review remote data streaming options for single or multiple instruments.
Task Description and Rationale  
Calibration Procedure Discussion of standards, calibration procedures and methods.
Maintenance Procedure Review of techniques and items required for best Preventive Maintenance procedures. Picarro Technical Jumpstart Program Checklist.
Task Description and Rationale  
Certificate of Attendance Picarro shall issue a Certificate of Attendance for up to 8 participants.