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The SI5450 analyzer offers the power of highly sensitive laser spectroscopy in a robust, easy-to-use, compact design. It employs a mid-IR laser that effectively measures the concentration of SO2 gas with a high degree of accuracy and precision. It offers significant advantages compared with incumbent AMC measurement techniques, such as ion-mobility spectrometry (IMS), ion chromatography, mass spectroscopy, and UV fluorescence. The legacy techniques suffer the inadequacies of high costs of ownership, performance shortfalls and slow speeds of response.

  • Real-time AMC monitoring in cleanrooms, FOUP and fab equipment
  • Fast, continuous analysis in seconds
  • Virtually no downtime or consumables cost
  • Free of interference from common fab chemicals
  • Extreme accuracy for event confirmation

Gas Detected

Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)

Precision (1σ)

≤360 ppt (10 sec),
≤120 ppt (100 sec),
≤70 ppt (300 sec)

Lower Detectable Limit (3σ)

350 ppt (100 sec),
200 ppt (300 sec),
140 ppt (600 sec)

(per IEC 61207)


Accuracy at span

±5% @ full scale

Accuracy at zero

±300 ppt

Instrument-to-Instrument Consistency

±5% @ full scale
±300 ppt @ zero

Measurement Range

0-1000 ppb

Measurement Interval*

< 5 seconds

Sample Flow Rate

~0.2 slm

Combined Response Times
(T90/10 + T10/90) @ 20 ppb (Humid)

<30 seconds

Fall Times
T90/10 @ 20 ppb (Humid)

<15 seconds

Measurement Technique

Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy

Calibration Period Recommendation

Calibration not required - Initial validation at 6 months, then every 12 months thereafter

Time Required to Perform Validation

Estimated at <15 minutes per manufacturer's instructions

Measurement Cell Temperature Control


Measurement Cell Pressure Control

±0.0002 atm

Operating Temperature

15 to 35°C (operating); -10 to 50°C (storage)

Ambient Humidity

<99% RH non-condensing


Pump (external, included), keyboard (included), mouse (included), LCD monitor (optional), Maintenance Kit (optional)

Communication Interfaces

RS-232, Ethernet, USB, Modbus, 4-20mA (optional)

Sample Inlet Connection

1/4" Stainless Steel Swagelok® Tube Fitting (recommended 1/4" OD PFA Tubing)


Analyzer: 16.63" w x 8.75" h x 30.25" d (42.24 x 22.22 x 76.84 cm)


75 lbs. (34 kg) including external pump

Power Requirements

100–240 VAC, 47–63 Hz (auto-sensing), <400 W (total): 250 W (analyzer), 150 W (pump) at steady state


12 months


CE conformance

Country of Manufacture





Particulate filter


Every 6 months

Measurement Validation 

Proxy validation 

Every 12 months


Rebuild (diaphragm)

Preventive maintenance every 2 years

Fan assemblies  


Preventive maintenance every 2 years

External Pump 


Every 5 years