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When a Picarro δ13C-CO2 analyzer is coupled with an Automate FX sample preparation device, the system provides δ13C measurements of the dissolved inorganic carbon in water samples or δ13C in solid carbonate samples. The AutoMate Prep Device adds phosphoric acid to the samples to liberate CO2, which flows to the Picarro for δ13C-CO2 analysis.

The system is fully automated for the measurement of 45 samples.


The AutoMate Prep Device acidifies samples to convert carbonates or DIC in water to CO2 gas. Evolved CO2 gas is transferred from the AutoMate Prep Device to the Picarro Liaison interface and then to the Picarro WavelengthScanned Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy CO2 isotope analyzer for carbon isotopic determination.


• Fast, fully automatic acidification of carbonate and DIC samples

• Low, consistent blanks

• Low downtime between samples

• Small dead volume

• Robust instrument with low maintenance costs

• Easy to use and maintain

• Compatible with several acids

• Wet portions of instrument isolated from electronic portions of instrument.


Applications: Analysis of groundwater, surface water, estuaries, sea water, industrial water, biological oceanography, and Earth history

Interface to analyzer: Caddy (A2100)