Picarro Carbon Isotope Analysis System for Accurate and Precise Total Carbon and δ13C Measurements on Liquid and Solid Samples

Listen to Adam Subhas (California Institute of Technology), Nick Rollins (University of Southern California) and Nabil Saad (Picarro, Inc.) discuss making accurate and precise total carbon and δ13C measurements on discrete samples using a Picarro Cavity Ring-Down Spectrometer and the Liaison Introduction System. Adam and Nick will demonstrate how Picarro carbon isotope analyzers can be coupled to an Automate FX for seawater DIC measurements and solid carbonates, and to an Elemental Analyzer for organic carbon measurements and TOC. Adam will also share recent results from calcite dissolution experiments that are designed to probe the global carbon cycle and how the saturation state of the oceans can drive changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide. You can also view Subhas et al. (2015) here.

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