Discontinued Analyzer Models

If you would like information about any of our discontinued models, please contact us.


Model # Product Name Replacement Model #
B2221-i Analyzer iCO2 Isotopic C+D Most applicable: 13C CM-CRDS System
G1101-i Isotopic Carbon Dioxide Analyzer G2131-i
G2101-i Isotopic Carbon Dioxide Analyzer G2131-i
G1101-ic Isotopic Carbon Dioxide Analyzer with Batch Mode Sampling Discontinued
G1102 Trace Water Vapor Analyzer? Discontinued
G1103 Picarro NH3 Analyzer, Air G2103
G1103-c Ammonia in Ethylene Discontinued
G1103-e Ammonia in Exhaust Analyzer Discontinued
G1103-st Ammonia in Stack Emissions Analyzer Discontinued
G1103-t Picarro NH3 Analyzer, Semiconductor SI2000
G1104 Picarro H2S Analyzer, Air G2204
G1104-e Picarro H2S Analyzer, Exhaust Discontinued
G1106 Picarro Ethylene Analyzer G2106
G1107 Picarro Formaldehyde Analyzer (Gen 1) G2307
G2107 Picarro Formaldehyde Analyzer (Gen 2) G2307
G1111-i δ13C Analyzer: Isotope measurements from CO2 provided by OI TOC system G2131-i
G1112-i Picarro δ13C Analyzer G2132-i
G2112-i Picarro δ13C Analyzer G2132-i
G1114 Picarro H2O2 Analyzer PI2114
G1200 CO2 and H2O Analyzer G2301
G1202 Methane and Water Vapor Analyzer G2301
G1203 G1000, C2H2 & CH4 G2203
G1204 Picarro CH4 and H2S Analyzer G2204
G1205 Picarro HF Analyzer G2205
G1301 G1000, CO2, CH4, H20 G2301
G1301-f Analyzer, G1301-f G2311-f
G1301-m G1000, CO2, CH4, H2O Flight G2401-m
G1302 CO, CO2 and H2O Analyzer:.Conc G2401
G1500 Multigas system for fuel cell applications Discontinued
G2114 Analyzer, H2O2 PI2114
G2182-i Analyzer, δD & δ13C in CH4 Discontinued
G4302 GasScouterTM Analyzer, CH4, C2H6, and H2O G4301
G5101-i Picarro Isotopic N2O Analyzer G5131-i
G5102-i δ15N in N2O Isotopic and Gas Concentration Analyzer G5131-i
L1102-i Isotopic Water Analyzer L2130-i
L1115-i Isotopic Water Analyzer L2140-i