Discontinued and Replacement Analyzer Models

We have consolidated our production efforts on our core and newer instruments. We have discontinued some models, but many have comparable or improved replacements listed below. If you don’t see a replacement for a specific model you are interested in, please fill out our contact form and request a replacement analyzer recommendation. We will be happy to work with you to find a suitable alternative. 


Model # Product Name Replacement Model #
B2221-i iCO2 Isotopic C+D Analyzer Most applicable: 13C CM-CRDS System
G2101-i Isotopic Carbon Dioxide Analyzer G2131-i
G2107 Formaldehyde Analyzer (Gen 2) G2307
G2112-i δ13C Analyzer Request Replacement 
G1200 CO2 and H2O Analyzer G2301
G1202 Methane and Water Vapor Analyzer G2301
G1203 G1000, C2H2 and CHAnalyzer Request Replacement 
G1204 CH4 and H2S Analyzer SI2104
G1205 HF Analyzer SI2205
G1301 G1000, CO2, CH4, H2O Analyzer G2301
G1301-f G1301-f Analyzer Request Replacement
G1301-m G1000, CO2, CH4, H2O Flight Analyzer G2401-m
G1302 CO, CO2 and H2O Analyzer G2401
G1500 Multigas system for fuel cell applications Request Replacement
G2101-i Isotopic Carbon Analyzer (δ13C in CO2) G2131-i
G2103 NH3 Analyzer SI2103
G2106 Ethylene Analyzer: Concentration Measurements of Ethylene in Air Request Replacement
G2108 HCl Concentration Analyzer SI2108
G2114 H2OConcentration Analyzer PI2114
G2121-i Isotopic Carbon Analyzer (δ13C in High Concentration CO2) G2131-i
G2132-i High Precision Isotopic Carbon Analyzer (δ13C in CH4) G2201-i
G2182-i δD & δ13C in CHAnalyzer Request Replacement
G2203 CH4 and C2H2 Concentration Analyzer in Air Request Replacement
G2204 CH4 and H2S Concentration Analyzer SI2104
G2205 HF and H2O Concentration Analyzer SI2205
G2207-i Oxygen Concentration & Isotope Analyzer ([O2] & δ18O) in Air Request Replacement
G2308 N2O, CH4 and H2O Concentration Analyzer G2508
G4301 GasScouterTM Analyzer CH4, CO2, and H2O Request Replacement
G4302 GasScouterTM Analyzer CH4, C2H6, and H2O Request Replacement
G5101-i Isotopic N2O Analyzer Request Replacement
G5102-i δ15N in N2O Isotopic and Gas Concentration Analyzer Request Replacement
G5131-i N2O Concentration & Isotope Analyzer (δ15N, δ15N-SP, δ18O) Request Replacement
L1102-i Isotopic Water Analyzer L2130-i
L1115-i Isotopic Water Analyzer L2140-i
A0212  High-Throughput Vaporizer Request Replacement
A0321 PAL Autosampler A0325