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Measures Ammonia (NH3)

The Picarro PI2103 gas concentration analyzer delivers ultra-precise and stable measurements of ammonia (NH3) with a parts-per-trillion (ppt) lower limit of detection (LOD) and negligible drift. It is the ideal solution for urban and atmospheric air quality monitoring, studies of particulate matter formation, livestock emission quantification, vehicle emission quantification, indoor air quality and other applications. An additional carbon dioxide (CO2) measurement can be used for surrogate validation, simplifying and replacing the need for complex calibration procedures requiring difficult-to-use standards. Water correction software automatically reports dry gas mole fractions to help reduce research complexity and consumable costs.

  • Fast, continuous, real-time measurements 
  • Superb sensitivity, precision, and accuracy with virtually no drift
  • Month-long stability for infrequent calibration
  • Water and carbon dioxide measurements for correction and validation  
  • Small footprint, field or lab deployable with no consumables required


Precision at 5 minutes is 0.30 ppb. Maximum drift over one month is ±0.50 ppb when measured at 25 °C and 760 Torr.

The Picarro PI2103 analyzer can operate and deliver accurate measurements for months without user interaction, and concentration trending data is continuously archived to the analyzer’s internal hard drive. The analyzer can be configured to automatically export measurement data via Ethernet, RS-232 interface, Analog 4-20mA or Modbus outputs.

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