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Performance Evaluation of an Improved CRDS Ammonia (NH3) Analyzer


Siqin He, Edward Wahl, Dung Ho, Magdalena Hofmann, Dan Cohen, Jinshu Yan, and Keren Drori


AGU 2023

Publication Date
December 11th, 2023

Ammonia (NH3) is the highest abundant alkaline gas in the atmosphere, and it is a major contributor to total reactive nitrogen in the environment and causes long-term climate change problems. NH3 is also a hazardous pollutant with detrimental impacts on human health that demands strict control over personal exposure levels. High-precision quantification of NH3 is demanded for routine monitoring, regulation compliance, and migration needs. Accurate monitoring of NH3 emissions can be challenging at low levels (ppb to ppm) due to the high reactivity of NH3 and its tendency to adsorb to surfaces. In this poster, Picarro shares results of experiments to characterize the performance of the new SI2103 NH3 analyzer, including:

- Investigating the effect of measured concentration on the SI2103 analyzer’s response times.

- Validating the extended operation range mode for NH3 concentration up to 50 ppm.