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Picarro to Demo P-Cubed® Analytics Platform at the Annual AGA Operations Conference

Santa Clara, CA – September 28, 2021 – Picarro Inc., the global leader in advanced leak detection, emissions reduction and pipe replacement optimization solutions, today announced that it will be demonstrating P-Cubed, the award-winning analytics platform, at the 2021 AGA Operations Conference and Biennial Exhibition, October 4-7 in Orlando, Florida. P-Cubed is the enabling analytics technology behind the company’s solutions for natural gas distributors. At the conference, Picarro will highlight the benefits P-Cubed brings to key applications, including:

  • Advanced Leak Detection (ALD) – Traditional leak survey has been shown to have a 66% false negative rate for finding hazardous leaks. Picarro analytics find 3x more hazardous leaks at the same leak survey and repair budget. Picarro’s ALD allows the measurement of natural gas leaks at speed and scale, prioritizing leaks by risk to increase network safety and reduce gas emergency interventions.
  • Emissions Reduction “Super Emitter” Programs – Picarro’s hardware-enabled software enables utilities to find and measure methane leaks and helps them measure annual GHG emissions on their networks. Sophisticated analytics guide prioritization for repairs of large emitters which frequently contribute disproportionately to network emissions as part of an informed and cost-effective emission reduction strategy. 
  • Pipe Replacement and Optimization Solutions – Addressing 1.5x more leaks through informed pipe replacement can save $millions of O&M costs annually. Patented algorithms calculate network health and identify sections of the network which require the most attention. Combining methane data with a utility’s own infrastructure pipeline integrity variables allows them to optimize capital investment and reduce their operational repair budget.

“Picarro’s solutions for the Natural Gas Distribution industry enable utilities to increase capital efficiency and improve the safety of their infrastructure,” says Vince Gaeto, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Energy business unit. “With Picarro’s millions of miles driven, billions of methane datapoints, and a rapidly expanding fleet of systems operating across 6 continents, we are proud of the confidence customers gain from working with the most trusted analytics in the industry.”

In AGA 2021 Conference Program, Picarro will be co-presenting on the following topics:

Advanced Leak Survey Technology – Wednesday, October 6, 4:05pm EDT
Representatives from ATCO and Picarro will present a case study examining the increased efficiency of a distribution natural gas utility’s leak survey program. In 2017, ATCO began utilizing Picarro’s Advanced Leak Survey technology -- incorporating mobile leak surveying vehicles and advanced data analytics to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their program.

Incorporating Advanced Mobile Leak Detection into a DIM Program – Thursday, October 7, 3:10pm EDT
In this presentation, CenterPoint Energy and Picarro discuss the use of Advanced Mobile Leak Detection information to enhance existing DIM data for risk evaluation and risk mitigation activities. 

Visit Picarro in booth #425 to learn more.

About Picarro
Picarro’s Energy business enables customers to improve the safety of their infrastructure and increase capital efficiency. Picarro invented and patented the methodology of advanced leak detection in collaboration with several major natural gas operators.  Now, their extensive suite of award-winning data analytics tools provide improved capabilities for cost-effective risk management, emissions quantification and reduction, and risk-informed pipe replacement across the oil and gas industry.

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