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Picarro Releases New High-Throughput Modes for the L2130-i Isotopic Water Analyzer

New Express and Survey modes proven to reduce measurement time of 100 samples by as much as 68 hours

Santa Clara, CA, May 4, 2021 — Picarro Inc., a leading provider of gas concentration and stable isotope analyzers and systems for science and industrial applications, today released the Express and Survey Modes for the L2130-i Isotopic Water Analyzer. The new measurement modes enable the L2130-i to deliver the fastest, most precise water isotope measurements of δ18O and δD. These measurements are critical for advanced research into all aspects of the water cycle―water vapor, liquid water or water trapped in solids―and for demanding applications such as paleoclimatology and oceanography. 

The L2130-i now has three modes. The Standard mode provides high-precision measurements for 27 samples per day. The Express mode allows faster high-precision measurements for 50 samples per day. The Survey mode allows super-fast measurements of very large sample batches – up to 900 injections per day. This enables more efficient sorting and rearranging of sample clusters to reduce the memory effect, and thereby accelerates the measurement process and increases the accuracy of the results. Combining the Express and Survey modes will further increase throughput by reducing the time it takes to measure 100 samples by up to 68 hours. With the addition of these new modes the Picarro L2130-i is now the fastest, most precise laser-based isotopic water analyzer.

“Depending on the number of samples being tested, isotopic water analysis can take days,” said Joel Avrunin, Vice President of Scientific Instrumentation for Picarro. “With the new Express and Survey modes for the L2130-i, Picarro offers users the flexibility to select the mode that delivers the level of precision they need while dramatically reducing measurement time.” 

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Picarro is a leading provider of solutions to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations, trace gases and stable isotopes across many scientific and industrial applications. Our portfolio of gas analyzers and systems enables scientists around the world to measure GHGs, trace gases and stable isotopes found in the air we breathe, water we drink and land we harvest. Picarro’s industrial solutions range from advanced natural gas leak detection and emissions quantification technology for utilities companies, to trace gas analysis for semiconductor AMC monitoring, and isolator applications for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our patented Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) is at the heart of all Picarro instruments, enabling the detection of target molecules at parts per billion or better resolution. For more information on Picarro’s portfolio of solutions, visit


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