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Picarro Selected as a Primary Vendor for First-of-Kind Open Source National Ecological Observation Network

Sunnyvale, CA – September 3, 2010:  Picarro, the maker of the world's highest precision and easiest to use gas analyzers, has been selected by the National Ecological Observatory Network, Inc.(NEON) as a primary vendor of gas analyzers for a network of state-of-the-art ecological monitoring stations slated for installation across the Continental U.S. and in Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska. NEON's dozens of observation  points will collect highly detailed measurements showing the impacts of land use, climate change, and invasive species on the biodiversity and natural resources of the U.S. The NEON network is designed to provide early detection of continental-scale ecological change over decades of observations and to fuel cutting edge scientific inquiry far into the future.

Information collected by the hundreds of detection instruments in the network will be freely available to researchers as well as to the general public, making NEON not only the largest ecological measurement network on Earth but also the first openly available system capable of recording the ecological pulse of an entire country. "We are excited and grateful to be part of this amazing effort‚" says Michael Woelk, CEO of Picarro. "To make informed decisions about water resource management, climate change policy, and biodiversity issues the U.S. needs far better information. NEON will deliver that information in unprecedented detail."

The NEON program is spearheaded by the National Science Foundation and is co-managed by numerous other public agencies including the U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service and the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Private sector NEON participants come from more than 40 academic and research institutions across the country, making the project one of the largest collaborative ecology efforts to date.  Picarro analyzers will be used to measure isotopic waterisotopic carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide concentrations, among other ecologically critical molecules. NEON expects to begin construction of the network in late 2010 with full operational capabilities achieved in 2016.

Ultimately, NEON will provide insights across an incredibly diverse array of scientific disciplines including ecology, biology, agriculture, hydrology, civil engineering and urban planning, atmospheric sciences, and geochemistry, to name just a few. For NEON, Picarro brings extensive experience supplying analyzers into large-scale, first-ever ecological networks; Both the California Air Resources Board and the China Meteorological Administration have deployed Picarro analyzers for first-of-their kind wide-scale real-time continuous greenhouse gas monitoring networks.

Picarro's relentless focus on technological improvement has enabled its products to become the global gold standard in greenhouse gas measurements and the market leader in optical isotopic CO2and isotopic H2O measurements. Picarro's portfolio of innovative solutions is designed to extend scientists' research capabilities and radically simplify the measurement of air, food, and water at the highest precision levels achievable.