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The Coolest Presentations at EGU 2013 - Monday, April 8

Date: April 7, 2013


The coolest presentations on earth are taking place this week at EGU 2103 in Vienna, Austria. We'll be giving you an advance look at each day's presentations and posters from Picarro customers and scientists. For conference details, take a look at The Coolest Customers at EGU

Monday, April 8, 2013

BG2.1 - Peatlands and the Carbon Cycle | Room Pico Spot 4

13:36 – 13:39 | EGU2103-1469
Peatland CO2 Emissions: Using 13C to Quantify Responses to Land Use Change
Helen Snell, David Robinson, and Andrew J. Midwood

IG1 - Stable Isotopes in Geosciences | Y10

10:45–11:00 | EGU2013-11601
Isotopic analysis of dissolved organic carbon in produced water brines by wet chemical oxidation and cavity ring-down spectroscopy
Randal Thomas, Christopher Conaway, Nabil Saad, and Yousif Kharaka 

17:30–19:00 | Posters

Salt Removal Approach for Isotopic Seawater Analysis Using Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy
Nabil Saad and Wendy Trinh – Z263

High resolution, high precision, simultaneous measurements of δD and δ18O using a CRDS analyzer with an ultrasonic nebulizer sample preparation module.
Vasileios Gkinis, Valerie Morrie, Tyler Jones, Bruce Vaughn, and James White - Z264

Measurement of N2O and CH4 soil fluxes from garden, agricultural and natural soils using both closed and open chamber systems coupled with high-precision CRDS analyzer
Yonggang He, Gloria Jacobson, Chris Alexander, Derek Fleck, John Hoffnagel, Bernardo Del Campo, and Chris Rella – R349

Quantification of Fugitive Methane Emissions with Spatially Correlated Measurements Collected with Novel Plume Camera
Tracy Tsai, Chris Rella, and Eric Crosson – R147