A Wonderful Video Introduction to Stable Isotope Analysis for Food Safety

日期: July 18, 2016

Concerns about food safety and food origins are increasing around the world as our understanding of the potential health risks of adulterated food grows and consumers become aware of the risks of fraudulent food products that have been diluted with lower quality substitutes. Picarro's technology is at the forefront of the fight against food adulteration. Our isotopic analyzers allow scientists and regulators to analyze food ingredients to determine whether the food is genuine and came from where its label says it came from.

NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group of Japan used a Picarro analyzer to perform a series of food safety tests and produced a short video explaining how the technology works. They used their Picarro analyzer to determine whether lemons were grown domestically or imported and they performed tests to determine if honey had added sugar or if sake was adulterated by additional alcohol.

Please check out NTT's video for a wonderful introduction to the workings of Picarro's stable isotope analyzers for food safety applications.

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