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Measures Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

The Picarro SI2104 gas concentration analyzer delivers precise, real-time monitoring of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) at a parts-per-trillion (ppt) lower limit of detection (LOD). The SI2104 analyzer is a breakthrough field-deployable analyzer that supports multiple applications. It can be used to monitor ambient air quality, stack emissions, and map emission plumes of hydrogen sulfide. It can be used as a proxy for plumes of toxic volatile organic compounds such as benzene, xylene, and toluene, and acidic gases from chemical and industrial facilities. It can be installed as a stationary monitor along a facility's fenceline, or when used in conjunction with a mobile weather station, a GPS system, and an inverter, it can also be configured for mobile leak detection and surveys.

  • Real-time H2S measurements for fenceline monitoring and mobile surveys 
  • Best-in-class sensitivity for the most demanding regulatory requirements 
  • Excellent stability and continuous operation minimize downtime and data gaps 
  • Easy operation and no consumables or pre-concentration reduce costs 
  • Small footprint and quick installation simplify new deployments

H2S precision at 5 minutes is 0.3 ppb (1-sigma), with an LDL of 0.9 ppb (3-sigma). Maximum drift over 24 hours is ± 3 ppb when measured at 25 °C and 760 Torr.

Water correction software automatically reports dry gas mole fractions to help reduce research complexity and consumable costs.

The Picarro SI2104 analyzer can operate and deliver accurate measurements for months without user interaction, and concentration trending data is continuously archived to the analyzer’s internal hard drive. The analyzer can be configured to automatically export measurement data via Ethernet, RS-232 interface, Analog 4-20mA or Modbus outputs. 

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