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This product has been discontinued. Please refer to our Discontinued Products for information on replacement analyzers. 

The Picarro G5102-isotopic and gas concentration analyzer enables measurements of site specific and bulk δ15N in N2O. It is an ideal solution for discerning and measuring the source of N2O emissions real-time in the field or through grab-sample measurements in the lab. The isotopomers of N2O can be used to probe sources and sinks in the global nitrogen cycle by identifying nitrification and denitrification processes in soils and water.

  • High-precision at atmospheric concentrations
  • δ15N measurements including site-specific isotopomers 
  • Cryogen-free, continuous operation, field and laboratory deployable

The G5102-analyzer measures δ15N, δ15Nα, and δ15Nβ with a precision of 0.5 per mil (at a 10-minute average) and maximum drift of <0.1 ppb, typical, over 24 hours, and it measures N2O concentration with a precision of <0.05 ppb (at a 10-minute average) and maximum drift of 0.2 per mil, typical, over 24 hours.