Measure nitrous oxide (N<sub>2</sub>O) isotopes and concentration

Measure nitrous oxide (N2O) isotopes and concentration

Picarro G5101-i Analyzer

Identify N2O sources and sinks or illuminate nitrification and denitrification processes.

  • Measure N2O isotopes and concentration at atmospheric concentration
  • Peerless precision, better than 0.5‰ and 0.05 parts per billion in ambient conditions
  • Detection of isotopomers, δ15Nα and δ15Nβ
  • Cryogen-free and low-drift operation

N2O is the next frontier in measuring greenhouse gases. Take your science where the action is with unerring readings from the G5101-i.

  • Investigate terrestrial N2O sources and sinks to improve predictive models and better understand human contributions to global warming
  • Gain valuable information on nitrification and denitrification processes in soils and water through site specific and bulk δ15N measurements

Picarro also offers an analyzer for measuring N2O and CH4 concentration, designed for use with soil chambers in the field. Learn more about the Picarro G2508.

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