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SLiM 100 delivers real-time detection and quantification of VOCs to the 1 ppb level

Santa Clara, CA — March 14, 2023 — Picarro Inc., a leading provider of chemical metrology systems for advanced semiconductor fabs, today announced the SLiM 100 Lithography Process Tool Monitoring System. The new 1-ppb class metrology solution detects volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the lithography process in real time, enabling semiconductor manufacturers to quickly take steps to prevent excursions and detect non-visual defects, thereby improving yield. 

As design features shrink, small amounts of airborne molecular contamination (AMC) from organic molecules are resulting in an explosion of non-visual defects on reticles and wafers.  Crystal growth defects on reticles, hazing of scanner optics, and t-topping of photoresists are some of the serious problems that are caused by the presence of undesired organic molecules. Ultimately, these contaminants not only damage expensive lithography tools; they result in yield loss on the wafer.  

Measuring VOCs at low levels is extremely challenging in the fab environment. The SLiM 100 system is a real-time measurement system that is designed to run 24x7 in the fab environment. It is a fully integrated chemical metrology system that is robust, easy to operate, and is ideal for use as a high-volume process monitoring and control system. 

The Picarro SLiM 100 has the capability to measure 10 organic compounds critical to the Lithography process at the 1 parts-per-billion level. The system can also accommodate analyzers for inorganic molecules and measure them at parts-per-trillion levels. 

“The Picarro SLiM 100 enables fab operators to detect and resolve semiconductor manufacturing issues much faster than other solutions,” said Dr. Sanjay Yedur, Director of Product Management at Picarro. “This robust system will allow them to reduce costs by halting production of defective wafers sooner, and reduce downtime of lithography tools for maintenance and repair.” 

About Picarro Semiconductor Solutions
Picarro’s Semiconductor Business Unit offers industry leading solutions for airborne molecular contamination (AMC) and chemical contaminant monitoring within process tools. Picarro’s Semiconductor solutions respond to contaminants in seconds, not hours, enabling semiconductor manufacturers to quickly mitigate contamination events in cleanrooms, FOUP, and lithography process equipment – improving production yield. For more information, visit  

Jake Thill
Director, Marketing Communications
Picarro, Inc.

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