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Saeid Bagheri
Technical Support Engineer, EMEA

Saeid grew up in Tehran, Iran, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering. After that, he worked as a project and executive manager in Iran for six years. Then he decided to go to Germany and study Environmental Physics. Saeid’s PhD project, which was related to monitoring water vapour isotopes, allowed him to go to Antarctica 3 times (The best part of the science for me). He worked with a Picarro analyzer (installed in Antarctica) for around four years (observation, analysis, calibration, and maintenance).
Saeid has been a fan of Juventus since he was 8! He generally loves soccer in every way; watching, playing on a field, and of course, PES (recently FIFA). He is also into playing volleyball. What else? He likes novels; let him know if you know a good one. And as a suggestion, read "The Midnight Library by Matt Haig". You will enjoy it.