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Dean Apostolopoulos
Business Development Manager

Dean serves as the Business Development Manager at Picarro, bringing over 16 years of dedicated experience in sales to our team. Specializing in solutions for emissions, safety, and process monitoring applications. His extensive expertise includes selling both complete systems and discrete instruments to a diverse clientele spanning industrial, oil & gas, food manufacturing markets, as well as esteemed state and federal agencies.

He has actively contributed to the Air & Waste Management Association, where he held significant leadership positions including vice-chair, chairman, and outgoing chair of the Lake Michigan States section from 2010 to 2013. His community involvement extends to serving as the President of the Smith Street Condominium Association for over 6 years, overseeing 33 units in Palatine, Illinois.

Outside of his professional and community commitments, Dean hobbies include reading, golfing, working out, and chauffeuring my daughter to her various activities.