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Picarro and OICO to Combine Technologies for Simplified Carbon Measurement

Santa Clara, CA - Picarro, Inc. and O.I. Corporation, d.b.a. O.I. Analytical, ("OI") (NASDAQ: OICO) today announced a joint agreement to pursue the development and marketing of a complete carbon-detection package for measuring carbon isotopes in environmental water and solid samples. The carbon detection package will integrate OI's total organic carbon (TOC) technology with Picarro's carbon-isotope detectors to measure isotopes in various samples.

Picarro's detectors are emerging as the preferred system for measuring close to the point of sample origin because they are exceptionally simple to run and inexpensive to operate. OI is a global leader in TOC solutions.

"This agreement combines best-of-breed technology: Picarro's detector and OI Analytical's leading TOC technology," says Michael Woelk, President and CEO of Picarro. "But, most importantly, it is another step closer to greater ease of use and simplicity for scientists requiring fast response and continuous measurement in carbon studies throughout the world."

"This is truly a customer-focused solution," stated Donald Segers, President and COO of OI. "Researchers want to spend their time analyzing data, not operating and maintaining a complicated measurement system. By combining our technologies in one package, we can free more of the researcher's time for analysis."