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Standards Delivery Module

Breakthrough system that makes automated sample collection and data calibration of isotopic water vapor in the field simple and reliable.

Continuous Water Sampler

The first commercially-available device for real-time continuous analysis of δ18O and δ2H in liquid water.

High Precision Vaporizer and Autosampler

Automated, high precision isotopic analysis of liquid water.
Our most popular water isotope peripheral used by hydrologists, oceanographers, isotope geochemists and paleoclimatologists across the globe.

Micro-Combustion Module

In-line, efficient removal of interfering organics from discrete liquid water injections.Improves isotopic accuracy of cryogenically-extracted plant and soil waters.

IM-CRDS System for Isotopic Water Analysis

One-step process for extracting and analyzing matrix-bound water from solids and solutions with high total dissolved solids.