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On-Site Installation is a 2-day program performed by a Picarro specialist at your location. The program includes: installation of your analyzer; training in methods development and considerations for best operations. On-Site Installation is an excellent choice for customers who require local and customized support. Travel and lodging expenses for the Picarro specialist are included.  

The On-Site Installation and Training Procedure is an excellent way to capture the skills and knowledge of our trained team to help you both understand how the instrument functions and how to generate methods that will be successful for your application.

During an installation, the Picarro Certified Specialist will:

  • Unpack all the equipment
  • Install the equipment following the documented procedure
  • Run standard samples to demonstrate instrument(s) operation and data processing techniques
  • Deliver training

Training Topics:

  • Theory of CRDS operation
  • Instrument start-up, operation and shut down
  • Tips and tricks • Measuring performance
  • Calibrations • Preventative Maintenance
  • Commonly used consumables

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Technical Jumpstart

Pre-Installation and installation (to be performed by customer)

Task Description and Rationale  
Utilities/Facilities and environment Check that your site meets any environmental requirements documented for your Picarro analyzer
Instrument Inspection Upon Receipt Unpack the package(s) to ensure that instrument is in an undamaged condition and complete with manual, accessories, spares, etc.
Task Description and Rationale  
Installation Install system, verify electrical, gas handling and plumbing connections, switch on the device according to the documented procedure. Start measuring!
System Description Record a description of the instrument, manufacturer, serial number, software version. Our technical support engineers will ask for this if a problem arises later.
Network Test your network connection to the analyzer, establish a stable link. You may need access to TeamViewer video conferencing across the internet if a problem arises.
Task Description and Rationale  
Introduction to CRDS How Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy devices work. The benefit of CRDS for high precision, high stability measurements. How to apply it to your measurements.
Standard Operating Procedures Walk through basic instrument and software functionality.
Data Processing Introduction to data processing technqiues and data handling.
Instrument Functionality Discussion of additional capability and functionality that can be used to develop useful methods.
Secure Data, Storage, Backup and Archive How the Picarro instrument captures, stores and archives data. Discuss options available to clients to backup data from instrument to other locations. Review remote data streaming options for single or multiple instruments.
Task Description and Rationale  
Calibration Procedure Discussion of standards, calibration procedures and methods.
Maintenance Procedure Review of techniques and items required for best Preventive Maintenance procedures. Picarro Technical Jumpstart Program Checklist.
Task Description and Rationale  
Certificate of Attendance Picarro shall issue a Certificate of Attendance for up to 8 participants.