This instructional video serves as a tutorial on how to cut tubing and install Swagelok® fittings and it provides an overview of Picarro's dry gas kit. All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.

00:05 - Introduction
00:22 - Best Practices Guide
01:18 - Dry Gas Kit Overview
01:43 - Dry Gas Kit Regulator
02:09 - Toggle Valve
02:47 - Tightening the Toggle Valve
03:16 - Placing the Regulator on the Cylinder
03:41 - Assembling Compression Fittings
05:18 - Cutting and Filing Stainless Steel Tubing
07:56 - Blowing Out the Tubing
09:01 - Connecting the Tubing
10:14 - Conclusion

For the purpose of this video demonstration, we used the A0923 Zero air dry-gas kit for Picarro Lxxxx analyzers along with a CGA590 regulator.

You can find 3 different dry gas kits on our web store at:

A0921: N2 Dry-gas kit for Lxxxx analyzers
A0923: Zero air dry-gas kit for Lxxxx analyzers
A0924: O2 and N2 dry-gas kit for our combustion module (A0201).

You can browse our selection at If you have any questions about components, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

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