Measure ammonia (NH<sub>3</sub>)

Measure ammonia (NH3)

Picarro G2103 Analyzer

Detect NH3 in a variety of environments.

  • Simultaneous, precise measurement of NH3 and H2O
  • Parts-per-billion sensitivity, precision and accuracy with virtually no drift
  • Fast, continuous, real-time measurements without interference
  • Large dynamic range with high linearity
  • Field and laboratory deployable with no consumables
  • Installed and operational in minutes
  • Rugged and insensitive to changes in ambient temperature

The Picarro G2103 is the only sensor capable of measuring ammonia in such diverse environments as agricultural production and semiconductor fabrication. It is portable, rugged and capable of parts-per-billion sensitivity. It also offers a huge dynamic range, providing linear response well into the ppmv range.

No dilution, concentration or other sample preparation is required. Therefore, the G2103 can be operated in a remote, unattended monitoring station, or used equally well as a laboratory reference instrument.

Related Information

Typical noise zero drift of the G2103 analyzer over 72 hours. Changes of 0.1 ppbv would be clearly visible on this baseline. Ammonia-free air was plumbed into the instrument for these measurements.

Using the G2103 to monitor the performance of a semicon NH3 filter. The ammonia concentration was stepped several times over a 30 day period (blue trace). The first breakthrough occurred after only 1/4 the total rated filter capacity.