N<sub>2</sub>O + CO + H<sub>2</sub>O Analyzer

N2O + CO + H2O Analyzer

Picarro G5310 N2O + CO + H2O Analyzer

Mid-IR cavity ring-down analyzer for measuring atmospheric trace gases

  • Simultaneously measures N2O and CO gas concentrations
  • Also reports H2O concentrationTime-based laser measurement
  • Small cavity (48 mL) for fast sample turnover rate
  • Operates in the mid-infrared with a 5 km effective path length

Picarro’s mid-infrared Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) technology is capable of measuring N2O and CO down to 100 parts-per-trillion (ppt) sensitivity at 10 seconds, and water vapor down to parts-per-million (ppm) sensitivity with negligible drift for months of continuous high quality data collection. The G5310 builds on the success of our G2401, the analyzer of choice for long-term measurements of background CH4 and CO2.

Designed to Meet Stringent Measurement Requirements:

The G5310 has been designed to deliver measurements at levels of precision and reproducibility required by the most demanding measurement network customers, such as the World Meteorological Organization and the Integrated Carbon Observation System.

Picarro’s Patented CRDS Technology:

The heart of the Picarro analyzer is a sophisticated time-based measurement that uses a mid-infrared laser to quantify spectral features of gas phase molecules in an optical cavity. Picarro’s patented CRDS technology enables an effective measurement path length of up to 5 kilometers in a compact cavity, which results in exceptional precision and sensitivity with a small footprint.